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Showcase top events on your Events Site with the Featured Events feature, creating visual impact and increasing visibility.

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The Featured Events feature allows you to highlight key events to garner maximum attention by prominently displaying them on your Events Site.

  • These select events are showcased with a full-width billboard at the top of your Events Site, utilizing the event's image to create a striking visual impact.

  • If you have multiple featured events, visitors can scroll through them.

  • You can mark any event featured as long as it is public and published.

You can adjust the color of the gradient overlay on your Event Site billboard in Event Settings.

Adding + Removing Featured Events

  1. Navigate to Engagement > Events > All Events.

  2. Open the editor of the event you wish to feature by clicking on either the name or the pencil icon.

  3. In the metadata header, you should see a star icon to the right of the event name. This star icon is the switch to turn the featured event setting on/off. Click the star to either mark or unmark the event as featured.

    • When the icon is red/orange, it is featured.

    • When the icon is gray, it is not featured.

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