What You'll Learn

  • What featured events are 

  • How to mark an event as featured

Featured events are the events that display prominently at the top of your event site homepage. If you have multiple featured events, arrows will appear next to each event so site visitors can scroll through them.

You can mark any event as a featured event as long as it is:

  • A published event

  • A public event

Making an event featured is as simple as a single click!

Featured Event Star Icon:

Go to the event's overview screen as if you were going to edit it. You'll see the Featured Event star icon next to the event name. Click the icon. The color will change, letting you know that the event is now marked as "featured" and will appear in the featured events area on the homepage.

To remove an event from the Featured Events banner, just click the icon to unmark it as featured. 

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