Attendee-Managed Event Registration

Empower students to manage their event registrations with Personal Registration URLs and Event Site Login in the Events Module.

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The Events Module offers enhanced functionality to empower your students to seamlessly manage their event registrations. This article will introduce you to two essential features: Personal Registration URL and Event Site Login. Understanding these features will enable you to assist students effectively and ensure they have the information to self-manage their event registration(s).

Personal Registration URL

The Personal Registration URL is a dynamic tool created when a student registers for an event. This unique link allows students to modify their registration details, change their event attendance date, or cancel their registration if necessary.

How Students Can Access Their URL:

  • Immediate Redirect

    Upon completing their registration, students are automatically redirected to their Personal Registration URL, making it the first point of contact with their registration details.

  • Email Communications

    The URL is included in the template confirmation and reminder emails. This ensures they can access their registration details right from their inbox.

  • Custom Messaging

    You can send the URL directly to students or include it in any custom messaging using the [event:registration_update_url] token, which will add a personalized touch to your communication.

  • Event Site Login

    Through the Event Site Login feature, students can access their Personal Registration URL by logging into the event site and navigating to their upcoming event registration.

Accessing a Student's URL:

To view or share a student's Personal Registration URL, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Engagement > Events > All Events.

  2. Click on the event name to open the event editor.

  3. Navigate to the Attendees tab.

  4. Click the pencil icon next to the student's name.

  5. The URL will be at the top of the 'Edit Attendee Information' modal.

Event Site Login

The Event Site Login feature is designed to streamline the login process for students visiting your events site. Utilizing a magic link system ensures that students can easily access their event registrations without remembering a password.

How It Works:

  1. Magic Link Login: When students click "sign in" on the event site, they're prompted to enter their email address. We then match the email to an existing contact.

  2. Email Authentication: If a match is found, an email containing a magic link is sent to the student. Clicking this link grants them automatic access to the event site.

  3. View + Manage Event Registration(s): Once authenticated, students can view the status of their past and upcoming event registrations. Selecting an upcoming event will direct them to their Personal Registration URL, where they can edit or cancel their registration.

Note: If someone requests a magic link and their email address matches a contact in your instance, they will receive the link to sign in. It doesn't matter if they haven't registered for any events before. Once authenticated, attendees can register for events more efficiently as we pre-fill the registration form with known data about the contact.

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