Managing Event Attendees

Learn how to register attendees manually, update attendee status, check-in at events, find an attendee, and export attendee lists.

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In this article, you will learn how to manually register an attendee and update attendee status, including the event check-in process. You'll also learn how to use filters to search and find attendees and how to export the complete or filtered list of attendees to a CSV file.

Accessing The Attendee List (Attendee Tab)

An Attendees tab will be visible in the event editor if an event has signups enabled. When attendees register for the event, they are added here.

  1. Navigate to Engagement > Events > All Events.

  2. Click on the event's name or the pencil icon to open the editor.

  3. Click on the Attendees tab under the event header.

There are several key actions you can take from the Attendees tab:

  • Register a person on their behalf by manually adding them to the attendee list.

  • Review the attendee list and monitor counts

  • Check-in attendees at or after an event by updating their status.

  • Search for a specific attendee in the list or filter the list by specific parameters.

  • Export a CSV of attendee information.

This guide will walk you through the actions below:

Manually Register or Add an Attendee

If you need to register an attendee manually, the process is easy and can be done before, during, or after an event.

How To: Manually Register an Attendee

  1. Navigate to Engagement > Events > All Events.

  2. Click on the event's name or the pencil icon to open the editor.

  3. Click on the Attendees tab under the event header.

  4. Click on the blue Add Attendee button. The Add Attendee form will open and contain the same fields as those on the event's signup form.

    ​Pro Tips on Completing the Add Attendee Form:

    • Before you complete the registration form on behalf of the attendee, a search bar at the top will allow you to find an existing contact by name or email. If you find and select a user, known data will pre-populate the fields, expediting the manual registration.

    • Under Event Data, you must select the date the attendee wishes to register for. If you have an extensive list of events, use Filter Dates by Date Range to narrow down the values for Date Attending.

    • Next to the Signup Data header is an option to select the attendee status. This is useful when registering an attendee at or after an event, as it allows you to mark the appropriate status without having to go back and make any updates later on.

  5. Complete the form just as a person registering for the event would. All required fields are still required.

  6. Click Save when you're finished. You'll be prompted to make corrections if any information needs to be added or validated.

Updating Attendee Status / Event Check-In

Suppose you're checking in attendees at an event or recording attendance another way and want to update event records afterward. This is achieved by updating the attendee's status.

Attendee Statuses Explained

  • Attended: Attendees marked as attended by an internal user. These are people who you confirmed were in attendance at an event.

  • Registered: Attendees who are registered for the event. This is the default status applied when an attendee registers.

  • Canceled: Attendees who registered and then canceled their registration (self-canceled or marked canceled by an internal user).

  • Did Not Attend: Attendees who meet these conditions are considered to have not attended an event:

    • They are registered for the event.

    • They did not cancel their registration.

    • The date of the event has passed.

    • They are not marked as attended.

  • Canceled - No Payment: Attendees who registered but did not pay the event fee by the expiration date.

How to: Update an Attendee's Status

  1. Navigate to Engagement > Events > All Events.

  2. Click on the event's name or the pencil icon to open the editor.

  3. Click on the Attendees tab under the event header.

  4. Find the attendee in the list (details on searching the list are provided in the following section).

  5. Click the status dropdown on the attendee's row and select the desired status.

Attendee List: Reviewing, Counting, Searching

As mentioned previously, the Attendee tab displays all attendees registered for your event.

  • Number of People: Displays the total number of registrations for this event in parenthesis (attendees + guests). Under that, a breakdown is provided. If your event has multiple occurrences, apply an 'event day' filter to view counts for a specific occurrence. How to add a filter is described below.

  • Search Bar: Use the search bar above the attendee list to find an attendee by name or email. The results will appear as you type. You can also use filters to narrow down the list. How to add a filter is described below.

How To: Applying a Filter to Attendee Search

If you want a more flexible search, for example, a list of everyone who attended, you can apply filters. Filter options include:

  • Status (attended, did not attend, canceled, registered, canceled-no payment)

  • Dates (event date, attendee created, attendee updated)

  • Labels (your custom people labels)

To apply a filter to your search:

  1. Click on the funnel icon at the end of the search field.

  2. Select the parameter(s) you wish to filter upon. If you use multiple filters, they behave as AND filters, meaning that people must meet all the filter parameters to be returned in the search results.

  3. Click Apply Filters. You will be returned to the attendee list, and your filter(s) will appear in the search bar, narrowing the list.

  4. If you use a date filter, you must click on the filter within the search field where it says 'click to define' to specify the date or date range.

  5. Optional: Click Export to download your filtered attendee list to a CSV file.

Exporting the Attendee List

You can export your complete attendee list or filtered results to a CSV (comma-separated values) file. This feature is helpful if you need to print out a list of attendees and their registration information for your event or share it with a colleague or another department.

Important Notes about the CSV File:

  • The CSV file will contain each data field from your signup form in addition to the following: Signup ID, User ID, Signup Date, Update Date, Event Date, Status, Registration URL, Payment ID, Payment Amount, Currency, Payment Status, Number of Guests, Zoom URL, First Name, Last Name. Fields that are not applicable or have missing values will be left blank.

  • Exporting attendee data may take longer for lists with large numbers of attendees and/or data fields in the registration form, as all data for each attendee will be exported.

How To: Export All Event Attendees

  1. Click the Export button.

  2. Click Export All.

  3. The export will be prepared. When it is ready, click the You Can Download from Here button.

  4. Your file will download to your computer.

How To: Export a Filtered List of Event Attendees

  1. Follow the process outlined in Applying a Filter to Attendee Search to narrow your results.

  2. Next, you will need to select all attendees. To do this, you must first select any two attendees by using shift-click, ctrl-click, or cmd-click (Mac). Once you have two selected, a blue bar will appear at the bottom of your screen (see screenshot below).

  3. Click the Select All button in the bottom right corner of the blue bar.

  4. Click the Export button.

  5. Click Export Selected.

  6. The export will be prepared. When it is ready, click the You Can Download from Here button.

  7. Your file will download to your computer.


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