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Zoom Integration: Adding + Managing Zoom Events
Zoom Integration: Adding + Managing Zoom Events

Step-by-step guide on how to set up and manage a virtual event hosted in Zoom.

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This article assumes that you have already added the Element451 + Zoom integration. If you haven't, you can learn more here.

In this article, we will cover:

  • How to add a Zoom meeting to your event

  • How to edit and manage your Zoom-based events

  • How to remove the Zoom meeting from your event

  • How attendees are marked as "attended"

  • Zoom integration daily limitations

Adding a New Event Date

  1. Create a new event and add a new date or update an existing date.

  2. In the date configuration sidebar, click the Add Zoom Meeting button.

  3. This will instantly generate a Zoom meeting URL and populate the Event Link field. You will have two new buttons—delete (unlink the meeting) and manage (update).

  4. Click the Add or Update button at the top of the event date editing form to save your changes.

When setting up a repeatable Zoom event date, the options work differently than when setting up a non-Zoom event. You can only choose one day of the week for the event to repeat on any particular event date. For example, if your event happens on both Mondays and Wednesdays, you should set up separate event dates for Mondays and Wednesdays instead of including them both on the same event date.

Updating Existing Meeting

You can edit your Zoom event right in Element451. You can edit the date/time just as you would an in-person event, and you can use the Manage button to configure your Zoom settings:

  • When you make a change to an event date/time that has a Zoom meeting associated with it, those changes are automatically updated in Zoom.

  • If you click on the Manage button (referenced above), the edit screen will appear, and you will be able to adjust the meeting settings.

  • Click Advanced Settings to expose more configurations. These changes will be saved and reflected in Zoom immediately. The following Zoom settings can be managed in Element451:

    • Meeting Host

    • Registration Type

    • Automatic Recording

    • Approval Type

    • Contact Email for Registration

    • Contact Name for Registration

    • Audio

    • Start video when the host joins the meeting

    • Start video when participants join the meeting

    • Allow participants to join the meeting before the host starts the meeting

    • Use a personal meeting ID

    • Enable waiting room

    • Send email notifications to registrants about approval, cancellation, denial of the registration

    • Only authenticated users can join meetings

    • Show social share buttons on the meeting registration page

    • Allow attendees to join the meeting from multiple devices

    • Mute participants upon entry

    • Close registration after event date

Removing an Existing Zoom Meeting

You have the freedom to remove the Zoom meetings added with your dates whenever you want by clicking the Delete button.

This action will immediately remove the link between your date and the Zoom meeting, and it’s your decision if you also want to delete the associated meeting in Zoom. We will not delete it from your Zoom.

You will get a confirmation dialog before proceeding with this action.

Tagging Event Registrants as Attended

Once the meeting has been started and attendees join, Zoom will let Element451 know who is joining the meeting. Element451 will match those attendees by email address and mark them as “Attended” for the date that is taking place.

Important: To take advantage of this feature, attendees must join the meeting by signing into Zoom.

Zoom Integration Daily Limits

As a security measure, Zoom limits the number of meeting creation and update requests 3rd party applications can make in a single day. As of January 2024, the request limit is 100. However, in some cases, Element451 is required to make more than one request when creating or updating an event. This limit is tied to your Zoom account and resets daily at midnight UTC time.

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