People Overview

Learn about people records and why they are the foundation of the Element451 platform.

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At the core of Element451, you'll discover the foundation of your institution's interactions with students- People or Person Records. These records serve as a repository of valuable insights; each user is assigned a unique ID for seamless identification.

From the user's geographical location to academic interests, these records provide a comprehensive profile of each individual. But it doesn't stop there - Element451 goes further to document the user's actions, traits, and behaviors, whether it's the submission of an application or the time of day the user is most likely to open an email.

This comprehensive reservoir of user information empowers your institution to make informed, data-driven decisions and offer personalized experiences to your audience.

Adding and Removing People

Users can be added to Element451 in several ways, including automatic and manual processes.


Person records are organized via profiles. The profile is a dynamic, customizable information hub designed to provide essential context, streamline workflows, and ensure swift and efficient profile data management. Element451 administrators can also customize profile templates for their teams.


Segments are the foundation of tailored communication in Element. They are groups of individuals, curated by you, based on shared attributes, whether demographic particulars or academic affinities. Additionally, segments can consider interactions with Element451 modules, such as clicking links in emails, to create finely tuned groupings.


Labels are a way to tag people or segments of people for easy sorting/organization, at-a-glance identification, and delivering customized content for communication, microsites, and pages.

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