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Appointments Screen Overview
Appointments Screen Overview

Learn the layout and functionality of the main Appointments screen.

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The Appointments screen provides a centralized location to view and manage your appointments. You can also adjust your settings, access your booking site link, and schedule new appointments.

The Anatomy of the Appointments Screen

1 - Filter

The filter menu lets you quickly customize the appointments you want to view.
โ€‹All appointments: View all appointments, regardless of the assignee
โ€‹Your appointments: View only appointments where you are the assignee

Drill down your view further and use the date filter to view appointments scheduled for today, tomorrow, this week, or this month. To remove the date filter, click clear date filters.

For advanced filtering, click the filter icon on the far right side of the screen.

2 - Count + Total

Total: Count of all appointments, regardless of status

Overdue: Count of appointments when the start time has passed, and the status is scheduled / the text color for the appointment's date/start time will red

Today: Count of appointments that are scheduled for today

Upcoming: Count of appointments that are scheduled for a future date

3 - View, Edit, Reschedule, and Cancel

A list of appointments is displayed, showing pertinent information at a glance. To edit or delete an appointment, click the more button (โ‹ฎ) at the end of the respective row.

Edit: Reschedule, edit information such as the invitee, assignee, meeting type, and status, and add notes

Delete: Cancel the appointment

๐Ÿ’กPro Tip: Add your pre-meeting and post-meeting notes to the appointment to reference at a later date and for seamless cross-departmental communication.

4 - Booking Site, Export, and Schedule an Appointment

Visit URL: Opens your booking site allowing you to copy the URL to share

Schedule Appointment: Manually schedule an appointment

More (โ‹ฎ): Configure your availability and settings /admins can access page, type, and category settings




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