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Navigating the Task Overview Screen + Editing, Deleting, Searching, and Filtering Tasks

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The Task Overview Screen, or in other words, your Task List, is designed to streamline your workflow and keep you updated on all tasks at a glance.

  • Displays All Tasks: The Task Overview Screen shows all tasks assigned to you or your team. It’s a comprehensive overview of what's pending, in progress, or completed, with a task count displayed at the top.

  • Dynamic Updates: As you apply filters, the list dynamically updates to show only the tasks that meet your specified criteria. This feature helps you focus on tasks that are most relevant at the moment.

Key Features

  • Quick Updates from the Task Row: Without leaving the screen, you can update task statuses and other key details directly from each task row.

  • Use Filters for Customized Views: Apply filters to sort tasks by due date, priority, assignee, and more. This helps in prioritizing and organizing your workload.

  • Bulk Edits for Efficient Management: Select multiple tasks and make bulk edits – an efficient way to handle task updates without the need for individual edits.

Accessing the Task Overview Screen

To access the Tasks Overview Screen, navigate to Contacts > Tasks.

Video Guide

Tasks Overview Screen

You can find the following information on the Tasks Overview Screen:


View total counts for total tasks, overdue tasks, tasks due today, and upcoming tasks. The counts bar updates as you add filters.

Quick Filters

One-click pre-filtered lists


Lists for all Queues and My Queues where at least one task is assigned to you. Learn more about Queues.

Task List

Displays a list of all tasks and updates as filters are added. You can make updates to tasks directly from the Task row in the list, bulk edits, and more.

Managing Tasks

The task side sheet features a “view profile” link for the “related to” contact, allowing you to quickly open and view their profile.

Editing a Task

  • Option 1: Click on the task field on a Task's row to revise them. For example. you can click on thecircle to quickly change the status.

  • Option 2: Click on the name of the Task to open it's edit sidesheet.

  • Option 3: Click on the more icon, then click Open or Edit.

Adding a Note or Subscriber to a Task

When editing a Task, you also have the option to add a Note or Subscriber to that specific Task. Learn more about adding Notes and Subscribers to Tasks.

Duplicating a Task

  • Click the more icon, then click Duplicate.

Deleting a Task

  • Click the more icon, then click Delete.

Bulk Actions

Use thecheckboxes to make bulk edits: delete or change status, priority, type, or assignee.

Filtering Tasks

Quick Filters

On the left sidebar, there are pre-filtered lists to give you one-click access to:


Filtered Results

All Tasks

All Tasks for all internal users

Your Todos

All Tasks assigned to you with the to-do status

Your Tasks

All Tasks assigned to you

Created by You

All Tasks created by you

Your Teams Todos

All Tasks assigned to the Teams of which you are a member with the to-do status

Your Teams Todos

All Tasks assigned to the Teams of which you are a member

Advanced Filters

The Tasks module offers a range of advanced filtering options to help you efficiently navigate and manage your Tasks. Use the filter icon to open the advanced filtering. Here’s how you can use these options:

  1. Assigned to: Filter Tasks based on the person or team they are assigned to.

  2. Related to: Identify Tasks linked to specific external users.

  3. Created by: View Tasks created by specific individuals, enabling you to follow up on Tasks initiated by you or your colleagues.

  4. Status: Filter Tasks by their current status, such as 'In Progress,' 'Completed,' or custom statuses, to get a clear picture of ongoing efforts.

  5. Priority: Prioritize your workload by filtering Tasks based on their urgency, such as 'High,' 'Medium,' or 'Low' priority.

  6. Type: Filter Tasks by type for a more organized view, whether they’re administrative, outreach, or any other category.

  7. Due: Utilize time-based filters 'Today,' 'Upcoming,' or 'Overdue' to focus on tasks requiring immediate attention or to plan.

  8. Due Date: Select tasks with specific due dates to align your daily agenda.

  9. Due Date Range: Plan for the short- or long-term by filtering tasks within a set date range, helping you stay on track with your deadlines.

Searching Tasks

On the Tasks Overview screen, use the magnifying glass icon to search for a specific task.

Remember, your text based search will return results after searching task names, Element451 users and people. So searching "gmail.com" would return results that include and task name that contains "gmail.com," people with email addresses containing "gmail.com," and Element451 users with an email address containing "gmail.com."

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