Tasks, part of Element451's core CRM functionality, is a flexible feature that allows you to keep organized and stay on top of your recruitment efforts. 

Element451 automatically tracks digital interactions like email opens, clicks and webpage views. 

But what about those things that happen in the "real world?"  Enter Tasks. Tasks allows you to record those import recruitment activities that happen off-line. 

Use Tasks to:

  • Managers can assign tasks to their team, so everyone stays focused

  • Track progress on your recruitment tasks, even if they aren't related to a specific student

  • Document print marketing touch points, such as letters, postcards, view books and more

  • Record admissions interview activities including date, time and related notes

  • Log in-bound and out-bound phone conversations

  • And many more... 

Learn More with Element451 Task training videos:

Creating Task Types
Tasks Overview
Tasks Manager
Recording Custom Activities

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