Creating Tasks - Manually

How to create tasks manually.

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Tasks can be created manually or automatically using a Workflow. This article walks you through creating Tasks manually from the Tasks Overview Sheet. If you want to trigger the creation of Tasks automatically based on an action someone takes, visit our article Creating Tasks - Automatically via Workflow.

Adding a New Task Manually

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Tasks

  2. Click the + Create Task button in the right corner of the header. A side sheet will open, allowing you to configure your new Task.

  3. Replace "Untitled Task" at the top with your chosen name.

  4. Select a Task Template if you want to create your task based on one (optional).

  5. Select an Assignee (either an individual or a Team).

  6. Select a Due Date.

  7. Select a Due Time (optional).

  8. Select a Task Type.

  9. Select a Status.

  10. Select a Priority.

  11. Select Related (optional).

  12. Add a description (optional).

  13. Add any Subtasks by clicking + Add Subtask.

  14. Add any Subscribers by clicking Select Subscribers.

  15. When you are finished configuring your Task, click Save in the top right corner.

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