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Learn about the properties of Tasks: Status, Priority, Type + Task Queues and how Task Notifications work.

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Tasks can have custom statuses, priorities, queues (dynamic to-do lists), and templates. These properties can be configured in your Tasks Settings.

Tasks Settings

Tasks Settings is where you can configure your custom Task Properties- statuses, priorities, and queues. To access Tasks Settings, navigate to Contacts > Tasks > (more settings icon located to the right of the + Create Task button in the header).

Task Notifications for Assignees

Element451 is designed to keep internal users efficiently informed about their tasks without overwhelming them with notifications. Here's how our task notification system works:

Daily Digest

Each morning, typically just after midnight (Eastern Time), users assigned to tasks will receive a daily digest email. This digest includes a summary of open tasks due that day, helping you plan your workload effectively.

To avoid cluttering your inbox, Element451 does not send email notifications for every individual task assignment, update, or change. We believe in providing only the most crucial information to keep you focused and productive.

By receiving a daily overview of tasks, users can start their day with a clear understanding of their priorities, aiding in efficient time management and task completion.

Task Due <24 Hours Notification

Assignees will receive immediate email notifications whenever tasks assigned to them are created with or updated to have a due date within the next 24 hours, ensuring timely alerts about time-critical tasks.

Task Notifications for Subscribers

Task Subscribers are other internal users who want or need updates on specific tasks but are not directly responsible for their completion. Once added as a Task Subscriber, the user will receive email notifications when:

  • Changes are made to a task's status or priority.

  • A task is marked complete.

  • New notes are added to a task.

Task Properties


Beyond basic complete or incomplete statuses, you can create custom Statuses to reflect your specific workflow needs.


Define custom Priority levels to categorize tasks according to their importance or urgency.


The Type property is shared with other custom activities and notes. Type helps create a more organized view, whether they’re administrative, outreach, or any other category. Since this property is shared across modules, configuration for this must be done outside of Tasks in your Settings (Profile Picture > Settings > Activity, Tasks, and Note Types).

Task Queues

Use Queues to group tasks together to make it easier for your team to see what they should be working on next. Queues can leverage segments, task properties, or both to determine what tasks should be assigned to a given queue.

Task Templates

Help ensure efficient and consistent task management tailored to your diverse operational needs.

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