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Elevate your team's efficiency by defining task urgencies with custom Priorities. As an Element451 admin, you can create a range of Priorities to categorize tasks from low to high urgency. Each Priority level can be visually distinguished with a distinct icon and color. This feature not only helps in quick identification but also streamlines workflow, ensuring that crucial tasks are addressed promptly.

πŸ“™ Note: Priority is a required field. At least one priority needs to be enabled.

Accessing Task Priorities

Task Priorities can be configured in Tasks Settings. To access Tasks Settings, navigate to Contacts > Tasks > > Priorities.

Default Priority

When creating a new task, Priority is a required field. To streamline manual task creation, Element451 admins can set a default Priority that will pre-populate the Priority field for all users. Use the drop-down field to change your Default Priority.

Adding a Custom Priority

  1. Click the + Add New Priority button at the bottom of the Priority list.

  2. Replace "Untitled" at the top with a name for your Status.

  3. Enable or disable your Status by using the toggle.

  4. Select the icon you wish to use to represent this Priority.

  5. Select the color you'd like to associate this Priority with.

  6. Click Save.

Editing + Deleting Priorities

  1. Click theon the right of the row of the Priority you wish to edit or delete.

  2. Select edit or delete, depending on what you wish to do.

  3. If deleting, you'll be prompted to confirm the action.

    • If the priority is unused, you'll receive the following prompt:

    • If the Priority is currently associated with one or more tasks, you'll receive a prompt indicating the number of tasks with that Priority and asking you to give those tasks a new Priority.

    • If editing, the Priority edit side sheet will open. Make any changes, and when finished, click Save in the top right corner.

Reordering Priorities

You can reorder your Priorities, which will impact how they appear in drop-down lists.

To reorder, click the two horizontal lines icon and drag the Priority where you want it to appear in the listing.

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