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Task Subscribers are other internal users who want or need updates on specific tasks but are not directly responsible for their completion. Once added as a Task Subscriber, the user will receive email notifications when:

  • Changes are made to a task's status or priority.

  • A task is marked complete.

  • New notes are added to a task.

Task Assignees are treated as subscribers. As such, they only receive notifications when their assigned tasks are updated by others.

Adding a Task Subscriber

You can add task subscribers when creating (manually or via Workflow) or editing a task:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the task editor; you will see the Subscribers section.

  2. Click the 'Select Subscribers' box.

  3. A dropdown of all internal users will appear. Select the colleagues who need to be updated about the task’s progress.

  4. Subscribers, once added, are saved automatically. You can then close out of the side sheet.

Use Task Templates to instantly apply predefined settings, including Task Subscribers, to new tasks.

Removing a Task Subscriber

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Tasks.

  2. Find the task you want to update in the Task listing.

  3. Click on the task name to open the task editor.

  4. Scroll to the bottom to find the Subscribers section.

  5. Click on any subscriber listed to open the dropdown.

  6. Click the "X" next to the subscriber's name you wish to remove.

Subscriber Notification Management

While the Task Subscriber feature ensures you stay updated on task progress by sending email notifications, we understand your inbox can get crowded. Consider leveraging your email provider's rules or filters to keep your notifications organized.

Outlook and Gmail have built-in features that:

  • Mark task notification emails as read automatically.

  • Skip the inbox, directing these emails straight to a specific folder.

  • Ensure your focus remains on what's immediate without losing track of updates.

If you want more information on configuring rules and filters, visit your email provider's help center.

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