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Get ready to peek behind the curtain! In this article, we unveil the projects currently in development or on the horizon. From enhancements to brand-new functionalities, we're gearing up to revolutionize your experience with Element451. πŸš€

While we're excited to share our plans with you, release dates and final functionalities are subject to delay, cancellation, or alteration. This information is shared for informational purposes only.

Stay informed, stay engaged, and get ready to embrace the future of Element451! Now's the time to open the curtain and see what awaits. πŸ₯πŸ‘‡


  • Google Tag Manager Support: Add support for Google Tag Manager to the Appointments booking site.

Autoresponder Emails

  • Autoresponder Email Editor: Autoresponder emails in modules such as events and applications will be able to utilize Element451's updated email editor, similar to the one used for Campaigns.


  • Bolt Discovery: A new way to discover and explore Knowledge Base content (web, text, documents, etc). Distinct from BoltBot, our latest generative-powered feature goes beyond traditional search functionalities, offering a dynamic and interactive search box that leverages the power of generative AI to enhance your content exploration.

  • Bolt Assistants: This new and expandable family of AI assistants integrated into the BoltBolt and Copilot experience are new specialized extensions to your team. From student-focused assistants designed to help in all aspects of the college experience to behind-the-scenes team members helping staff get things done faster, Bolt Assistants will be there to amplify your work.


  • Email Editor Support for AI Blocks (Closed Beta): Edit and format your email content using AI.


  • Course Data Model + Integration: New capabilities for storing comprehensive course-related data, including registration details, in-progress and final grades, and more.


  • Expense/Trip Log: Introduces a method to categorize events and track expenses, enhancing financial tracking for each event.


  • ReCAPTCHA on Forms: The ability to disable ReCAPTCHA on Forms, reducing friction for in-person events like college fairs, which commonly trigger ReCAPTCHA.


  • Pages Module - Subpages: Easily create landing pages with nested subpages. For example, establish a main domain such as academics.fireuniversity.edu and organize related content under subpages such as /biology and /accounting.


  • Google Tag Manager Support: Add support for Google Tag Manager to Survey pages.


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