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All Decisions Page + Searching/Filtering
All Decisions Page + Searching/Filtering

Navigate the All Decisions page to effectively manage applications with advanced filters, quick actions, and detailed views.

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The All Decisions page in Element451 is your starting point for managing application submissions. It provides a comprehensive list of all application decisions, each with key information to assist in your review and decision-making processes.

  • Decision List + Full Access: Click on a decision to access a comprehensive list of all decisions and a detailed view of each application. This unlocks comprehensive evaluation tools and complete information for in-depth analysis.

  • Filter + Search: View and manage all application decisions with options to filter or search based on criteria such as score, stage, status, and more.

  • Quick Actions: Add an assignee or edit tags from the list.

Accessing All Decisions/Application Submissions

Navigate to Applications > Decisions > All Decisions.

All Application Decisions Listing

The All Application Decisions page comprehensively lists all your decisions, regardless of application or where they are in the review/evaluation process. Each item in the list contains crucial data points, making it easier to gauge and analyze each applicant's journey at a glance.

From the list view, you can view the following information about each decision:

  • Score

  • Application name + Student Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Current Stage

  • Time in Queue

  • Assignee

  • Last Reviewer

  • Current Status

  • Checklist Progress

Sort the list by column by double-clicking the column header.

Quick Actions

You can also perform the following quick actions to make a decision from the list. To access the quick actions, use the three horizontal dots at the end of the decision row.

  • View: Open an application decision for a comprehensive view and access to evaluation tools.

  • Move to Stage:

  • Change Status:

  • Assign to: Assign the application to an internal users

  • Edit tags: Edit application tags

    • To add a new tag, type the name and click enter. Note that decision tags cannot be edited or deleted once created.

Searching and Filtering Decisions

The list of application decisions can be narrowed down using Cohorts, filters, and/or keywords.

  • Cohorts: On the left-hand side, the Cohorts you have access to are listed. Click on a Cohort to filter the list. Explore more on Cohorts here.

  • Search Bar: Use the search bar above the decision list to find a decision by name or email. The results will appear as you type. You can also use quick filters and advanced filtering to narrow the list further.

  • Filter: To apply a filter to your search:

    • Click on the funnel icon at the end of the search field.

    • Select the parameter(s) you wish to filter upon. If you use multiple filters, they behave as AND filters, meaning the decision must meet all the filter parameters to be returned in the search results.

    • Click Apply Filters. You will be returned to the decision list, and your filter(s) will appear in the search bar, narrowing the list.

    • If you use the Time in Queue or Score filters, after applying the filter, you will see 'Click to define' on the filter chip within the search bar. Click the chip to define the value.

  • Quick Filters: Quick Filter chips under the search bar allow you to quickly narrow down the list by when it was submitted (today, this week, or this month) and if it is assigned to you.

You can combine your filtering methods by selecting a cohort and applying a filter(s) for more advanced segmentation.

Pro Tip: How To Access a Decision from a Student Profile

To open a student's application decision directly from their profile, make sure the application card is active on your profile template. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Applications card.

  2. Click on the application to expand its details.

  3. Click on the Status/Decision chip to view the specific decision.

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