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Getting Started with Decisions
Getting Started with Decisions

Learn the basics of the Decisions module and discover the next steps for optimizing your application decision process.

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The Decisions module is where you review and process application submissions. It seamlessly complements the Applications module to ensure a streamlined workflow from submission to decision.

This module enhances efficiency by automating routine tasks—thereby reducing staff manual processing—and improves the student experience by providing transparent, real-time updates on their application status.

Below, we outline the key features and functionalities of the Decisions module.

Key Decision Features

  • Fine-Grained Access: Decisions has an exclusive Groups and Permissions feature that allows you to define roles and responsibilities to control who can view and process applications, ensuring security and efficiency.

  • Automation: Leverage our Intelligent Admission feature to automate application evaluations with rules that manage statuses, stages, and notifications, streamlining operations.

  • Standardized Reviewing/Evaluating: Add your institution's criteria to set specific evaluation metrics such as GPA and class rank to standardize application assessments.

  • Checklists: Develop detailed checklists for required documents and actions, which will be visible to applicants and reviewers and enhance clarity and organization.

  • Decision and Financial Aid Letters: Use the Packages feature to generate personalized acceptance letters and financial aid information, which can be automatically populated on each student's microsite.

  • Transparent Application Tracking: Students can check their application status directly in their portal. This feature provides transparency throughout the application process, allowing students to see real-time updates and next steps, fostering engagement and clarity.

How Decisions Are Created

Decisions are generated once a student submits their application. Essentially, the decision process begins with the submission of the application.

Applications that are still in progress or haven't been submitted will not generate decisions. To automatically submit completed applications on behalf of the student, consider setting up a workflow or rule with the 'submit application' action.

Additionally, decisions can be added for imported applications through a workflow. For more details on this process, please see Importing Application Data.

Accessing Decisions

To access the Decisions module, navigate to Applications > Decision in the top orange navigation menu.

In the menu, you will find the following pages:

  • All Decisions: Listing of all your application decisions and cohorts.

  • Overview: Provides at-a-glance analyses of your application decisions.

  • Reports: Provides more in-depth analyses of your application decisions and allows for filtering by term. We recommend using the Insights module for a more comprehensive application/decision data review.

  • Decision Settings: Configure your settings for the decision board, criteria, and more.

Explore More on Decisions

Having introduced the basics of the Decisions module, it's time to dive into its advanced settings and features. For a comprehensive understanding and to tailor the decision-making process to your needs, we recommend exploring the Decisions collection in the following order:

Decisions Settings + Configurations:

Locating + Processing Decisions

Additional Resources

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