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Commonly asked questions and their answers about creating and managing conversations.

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This article lists commonly asked questions and their answers, providing quick and easy access to essential information about creating and managing conversations.


  • I have connected and configured my email account, but only some of my emails appear in my Element451 inbox.

    • When you add an inbox to Element451, emails sent to your connected custom address will be forwarded to Element451. We will then search for a match to an existing person record (student) in Element451. If we find a match, a threaded conversation will be created. However, if no match is found, we will exclude/not retain that email. This means only emails from an email address associated with a user’s record in your Element451 instance will be displayed in your inbox. This is likely why you have noticed some emails missing.


  • I get an email every time I get a reply to a conversation. Can I turn this off?

    • No, not at this time. While the notification feature ensures you don't miss a conversation, we understand your inbox can get crowded. Consider leveraging your email provider's rules or filters to organize your notifications. For more information on configuring rules and filters, visit your email provider's help center (Outlook Rules | Gmail Filters).


  • My conversation automation rule is not running. Why?

    • To troubleshoot why your rule didn't run, it is helpful to first remember the process by which rules are applied and run. Conversation rules are triggered on two occasions: inbound messages with no conversation history and new messages in closed conversations. To keep your rules running like you intended, please be aware of closing conversations once they end. Additionally, conversations are compared against your list of rules in the order in which the rules are listed, starting from the top and going down the list. When it finds a rule that matches the incoming message, it applies that rule. After applying a rule, it stops checking the rest. Only the first matching rule is applied, and the rest are ignored for that particular message. Explore more on conversation rules.

Sending + Receiving

  • How many characters should my SMS (text) be?

    • SMS messages are limited to 1600 characters. However, best practice is to keep messages much shorter than that. We recommend 160 characters for the best technical and end-user experience.​

  • I sent an attachment via SMS to an international student, but the student didn't receive it. Why?

    • If you send a message with multimedia content (images or attachments), it will only be delivered to US numbers.

  • A student said they texted our Element451 phone number, but we have yet to receive it. Why?

    • To prevent spam, only inbound messages from known senders will be directed to Conversations, creating a new or reopened thread. This is likely the case of why you did not receive the message. Confirm that the phone number that sent the text is associated with a record in the People module.

  • What do the emojis displayed by inbound messages mean?

    • Element451 Conversations uses artificial intelligence (AI) powered sentiment analysis to help you better understand how students feel during conversations. Explore more on sentiment analysis.

Messenger (Live Chat)

Check out this article for frequently asked questions pertaining to Messenger.

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