What You'll Learn

How to:

  • Manually create a new registrant/attendee

  • Indicate attendee status, e.g. attended

  • Use filters to search and find attendees

  • Export the full or a filtered list of attendees

If an event has signups enabled, you'll see an Attendee tab where people who have registered for the event will be listed. You can manage this list in a few ways:

  • Register a person on their behalf by adding them to the attendee list

  • Check in attendees at or after an event by updating their status

  • Find registrants/attendees in a list by filtering the list

  • Download a file of attendees for printing or other record-keeping or reporting needs

Getting Started

  1. Go to the event and click on the Attendees tab. If the signup form for the event was just published or no one has registered yet, there may not be any attendees listed.

Create a New Attendee

Event451 makes it easy for people to register for your event using customizable registration forms, but you can also add attendees manually as needed. Here's how:

  1. Click on the blue Create New Attendee button in the top right of the Attendees section. This will bring up the Add Attendee Information form. The fields will be the same as those on the registration form for the event.  

  2. Fill out the form just as a person registering for the event would. All required fields are still required. Click Save when you're finished. If any information is missing or invalid, you'll be prompted to make corrections. 

Update Registrant/Attendee Status

If you're checking in attendees at an event, or recorded attendance in another way and want to update event records after the event, you'll need to manually indicate if someone attended or not. Here's how:

  1. Go to the event's Attendee tab.

  2. Find the person on the list and click the pencil edit icon. This will bring up the Edit Attendee Information window that looks a lot like the Create New Attendee form. You'll notice a new field titled Attended. Toggle this to Yes to indicate that the person attended the event. 

  3. When you're finished, click Save.

You'll notice another new field when editing a person's info: Personal registration url. This is a link that's created when someone registers for an event. They can use it to edit their information, change the date when they want to attend, or cancel their registration. You can include this link by using tokens when sending messages to registrants.

Search and Filter

As registrations come pouring in, it can be hard to find one or a few people out of hundreds. Event451 has your back!

Basic Name Search

  1. To search by name on the Attendee tab, click in the search box and start typing the name of an attendee. Results will appear as you type.

Filtered Search

If you want a more flexible search, for example, seeing everyone who attended, you can use filters.

1. Click the filter icon on the right of the search bar. This will open the Filters window. Here you can choose to filter your attendees by their status (such as those who canceled or attended) or by dates. For example, you could find anyone who registered between two dates. Let's explore these filter options in a little more detail:


Attended: Attendees who have been marked as "attended" by you or your team. These are people who you confirmed were in attendance at an event.

Did Not Attend: Attendees who meet these conditions are considered to have not attended an event:

  • They are registered for the event.

  • They did not cancel their registration.

  • The date of the event has passed.

  • They are not marked as attended.

Canceled: Attendees who registered and then canceled their registration.
Registered: Attendees who are registered for the event.
Wait Listed: People who are on a waitlist.

2. Once you've selected the filters you want to use, click Apply Filters. Note that if you use multiple filters, they behave as AND filters, meaning that people must meet all of them to be returned in the search results. After applying the filters, you'll be taken back to the main Attendees list. Your filters will appear in the search bar and the list will be narrowed to the filter(s) you indicated. If you used a date filter, click on the type of date filter and specify the date or date range.

Export Attendee List

Need to print out a list of attendees and their registration information for your event or send the list to a colleague or another department? Follow these steps to create a complete or filtered list that you can open in a spreadsheet and distribute/print as needed. The file you'll be creating is a CSV (comma-separated values) file that any spreadsheet application should be able to open.

To export the entire list of attendees, including manually entered attendees and those who registered online:

  1. Click the blue Export button in the top right and select Export All.

To export a selection of attendees:

  1. Filter the list following the filtered search instructions above. To select individual attendee(s), use shift-click or ctrl-click (cmd-click on Mac). You can also export all of the filtered attendees.

  2. Click the Export button in the top right and select Export Selected.

For either export option you use, your export will begin and you will see a progress bar as the file is created. This may take a few moments for longer lists with many fields in the registration form as all data for each attendee will be exported. Once the download is complete you will see a button to download the new file. Click the button and use the file as needed.

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