Adding or Inviting New Team Members
Find "Settings" in the navigation bar and go to the "Manage users" screen. Click the blue plus in the bottom right to begin creating your team members account. 

Invite a Team Member
Inviting a new team member to create their account is the default way to add a team member. 

  1. Add their email address

  2. Select their permissions and access

  3. Send invite

This will send an email to create a password and login to Element451.

Manually Add a Team Member

  1. Fill in their personal and school information (if you haven't created a department yet, click "edit departments" to create a department before adding your team member) 

  2. Autogenerate or create their password 

  3. Select their permissions and access

  4. On the last screen, you can automatically email or copy your team member's credentials

Read our article on managing custom groups and permissions for your team members. 

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