Adding individual majors, terms, or campuses:

  1. Navigate to the tab of the category that you want to add to (majors, terms, or campuses). 

2. Click the blue plus icon in the bottom right corner.
3. Add the name and the code of the major, term, or campus. Let's use a Biology major as an example. 

4. Click the Available For tab. Here you will add a property to further define the major, term, or campus. 

In this example, let's add the property term, and specify that this major should be used for students interested in Fall 2020. 

Pro Tip: by applying Properties to these sources, you're able to build Reference Data Sources to only display subsets of values.  For Example, if you create a major that has a property where the Term is Fall 2020, you can now build a Reference Data Source that will only display Majors where the term equals Fall 2020.

5. Integration Codes are a common set of codes to map with other systems
like Common App or Hobsons. Unless you're integrating systems, this can be left blank, or contact your implementation manager! 

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