Now that you have integrated Zoom with your Element451 instance, below are the step-by-step instructions on how to get your first virtual event set up.

1. Add a new meeting to your Event Date

When adding a new date or updating an existing date, you will see the “Add Zoom Meeting” button on the date editing form. By clicking the button, Element451 will instantly create a new meeting for you.

Once a meeting has been added to an existing date or the new date has been added to your event, you will have the option to update or unlink the meeting using the “Delete” and “Manage” buttons under the event link in the date editing form.

Don’t forget to click the “Add” or “Update” button at the top of the date editing form to save your changes.

2. Updating existing Date Meeting

Once you create a meeting for a date, any change you make to the date on the date or time will be automatically saved and reflected in the added meeting when the date changes are saved.

If you click on the “Manage” button, the edit screen will appear, and you will be able to adjust the meeting settings; these changes will be saved and reflected in the added meeting as soon as you click on the “Update” button for the date changes.

3. Removing an existing Date Meeting

You have the freedom to remove the meetings added with your dates whenever you want by clicking the “Delete” button.

This action will immediately remove the link between your date and the meeting, and it’s your decision if you also want to delete the meeting associated.

You will get a confirmation dialog before proceeding with this action.

4. Tagging Event registrants as attended

Once the meeting has been started and students start joining it, Zoom will let Element451 know who is joining the meeting. Element451 will match those attendees by email address and mark them as “Attended” for the date that is taking place. To take advantage of this feature, attendees must join the meeting by signing into Zoom.

Please see Getting started with Zoom Integration for more information on how to integrate Zoom with your Events.

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