New To Conversations-Live Chat

Learn about the new feature to Conversations- Live Chat. An embeddable chat box that can go on any page.

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This Live Chat feature allows you to add a live chat bubble to any Element page or embed it to any existing website page you have!

The Chat bubble can sit on either the right or left corner of the page.

Within the chat window, a typical response time can be set to be displayed to help the student get an idea when they will hear back from you.

If the visitor to the chat bubble is not logged in to their Element account, the chat bubble will prompt the visitor to enter their email. This will give you the ability to associate this visitor to an existing record if one exists.

Responding to chats after the visitor has left the page and no longer online will send them an email of your response if they were logged in or if they left their email.

Enabling the live chat bubble and customizing it, to fit your needs can be done from

Engagement > Conversations > Settings > Live Chat.

On this screen, you can add conditions, icebreakers, and set if you want it to show on the left or right of the page. Adding an avatar is an option, as well as editing the greeting and team intro.

The code to embed this feature on a non-Element451 page is also available here, in settings.

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