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Getting Started with Organizations
Getting Started with Organizations

Using organizations helps users to segment certain groups of individuals with specific attributes.

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Organizations in Element451 are a way to group contact records with an organization-person relationship with one of the following relationship types: student, employee or contact.

Generally, organizations are external to the institution, although you could use organizations to track groups within your institution as well. For example, you might create organizations for feeder high schools/colleges, community-based organizations, professional organizations, corporations/businesses, and independent college counselors.

Key Features

  • Organizations can include relationships as students, employees, or contacts, allowing for diverse grouping within your institution.

  • Organizations come with Bolt UI components, enabling inline editing of field tabs, adding custom labels, icons, and names, and seamless data entry with autofill capabilities (e.g., automatic address population).

  • You can perform full segmentation searches within Organizations, such as filtering by term, territory, or school, for precise data targeting.

  • Organizations can be assigned to specific internal users, facilitating a seamless, personalized, and branded experience.

  • Create targeted communications with organization members using specific triggers, actions, or milestones for automated and efficient outreach.

Accessing Organizations

Navigate to Contacts > Organizations.

Organizations Settings

Before you can start utilizing Organizations, you need to configure your organization labels and types. You must have the Administer Organizations permission to add/edit these settings.

Creating + Managing Organizations

Easily add new organizations manually or via CSV import, update details, and manage members using the familiar Bolt UI.

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