Using organizations helps users to segment certain groups of individuals with specific attributes.
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Beta 2 Release

October 3, 2022: A second beta release has gone live for all Element451 partners. As a Beta feature undergoing final testing prior to full release, users may experience bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or other issues. Please contact Live Support and let us know should you encounter any problems.

Known bugs which will be addressed in the coming days:

  • Organization Import Errors

    • Country Codes causing import failure

  • Organizational Segments not returning expected records

    • While segmenting only on Organization's properties returns proper results segments including related person properties return no results.

Getting Started with Organizations

Organizations in Element451 are a way to group specific people records. Those people records have an organization-person relationship with one of the following relationship types: student, employee or contact.

Generally, organizations are external to the institution, although you could use organizations to track groups within your institution as well. For example, you might create organizations for feeder high schools/colleges, community-based organizations (CBOs), professional organizations, corporations/businesses and independent college counselors.

Before utilizing Organizations, your Element451 administrator should configure the following in Organizations Settings:

  • Organization Labels

  • Organization Types

Creating Organizations

There are two ways that organizations can be added to Element451.

Click on Organizations…

Option 1: Manual add - select "+ New Organization" blue button.

Click on New Organization

Complete the required fields to add a new organization manually.


Option 2: Import .csv - select "Import Organizations" and download the .csv template, fill in the template with data, and re-upload into Element451. When uploading into Element451 users can choose how to update between these options:

  • Insert new

  • Update existing

  • Insert new and update existing

Click on Import Organizations
Click on Download .CSV Template…

Field and Search Capabilities in Organizations

  • The relationships within organizations can be student, employee, or contact.

  • Organizations contains Bolt UI components making it possible to inline edit certain field tabs, add custom labels, add custom icons or names, and do quick, seamless entries that also can autofill (i.e. addresses will auto-populate).

  • Within Organizations, users can do a full segmentation search. For example, an organization search specific to intended term, territory, or school.

  • An organization can be assigned to a specific user, which allows for a more seamless, personalized, and branded experience.

  • Communications with members of a specific organization can be created to work with specific triggers, actions, or milestones.

Adding Organization-People Relationships

More coming soon...

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