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πŸ“… Release Notes | May 2023
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Issued June 1, 2023

Updates, Improvements & Fixes:


  • Fixed:Transcript retention. When uploading transcripts in a school repeater when a file is attached, the transcript was lost when navigating away from the upload screen.


  • Updated: LinkedIn icon. The LinkedIn icon has been added as an icon that can be used in the footer of campaigns.


  • Updated: Phone name. When creating an SMS message in the Conversations side sheet, users can now see both the name and phone number for each "From Number" option.


  • Fixed: Sorting options. Decision status now defaults to sorting alphabetically.


  • Updated: Field validation. Validations are no longer available for markdown fields.


  • Fixed: Distance from. There was an issue preventing accurate calculation of a student's distance from the institution.

  • Fixed: Button location. When screens were resized, a copy button on the Demographic information card was being displaced.

  • Updated: Territory names. Longer territory names are now supported.


  • Fixed: Slow loading speed. A bug was repaired that was slowing down the process of searching for and opening segments.

  • Fixed: Search options. The segments search bar now supports colons and other punctuation.

  • New: Sources. Sources are now available as filters in segment creation.

  • Updated: Form URL's. Form URL's are now exposed in segment filters.

  • Updated: Visibility group filtering. Segment reports are now able to be filtered based on visibility groups.

Workflows + Rules

  • Fixed: Update. A bug was repaired that was preventing workflows from updating numbers of students after students were removed.


  • Updated: SFTP servers. All clients have been migrated to updated SFTP servers.

  • Fixed: Printing from Chrome. Some users were having trouble printing documents from Google Chrome.

  • Fixed: Persisting data. Some users were experiencing a bug where fields utilizing reference data sources were not persisting into previews/forms/applications.

  • Updated: Type sorting. Note and task types are now automatically sorted alphabetically.

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