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Learn about the Task Mode ribbon and how to activate it.

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Task Mode is an innovative feature in the Element451, designed to streamline your task management and enhance productivity. With Task Mode, you can keep your most urgent tasks in sight, no matter where you are in your Instance.

Once enabled, Task Mode functions as a dynamic task playlist, offering the following features:

  • Focused Task List: Task Mode automatically compiles a list of overdue tasks and tasks due today. This ensures that time-sensitive tasks are always at the forefront of your agenda.

  • Persistent Visibility: The Task Mode ribbon remains visible and accessible as you navigate through different modules within Element451. This means you can work across the platform without losing track of important tasks.

  • Efficient Task Management: Keeping crucial tasks in view, Task Mode helps you manage your workload more effectively, ensuring that deadlines are met and nothing falls through the cracks.

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Activating Task Mode

You can view Task Mode with one click. Click on the Tasks icon located in the upper right corner of the Element451 navigation ribbon. This will open and pin the ribbon underneath the orange navigation menu.

Note: This action switches on Task Mode for your current session.

Task Mode Ribbon

Here is a numbered diagram of the Task Mode ribbon, with a description of each feature next to its corresponding number.


Displays the task name


Click the arrow to open the task sidesheet to quickly access all of the task information, including any subtasks associated with the task.


Displays the task priority


Displays the due date (remember Task Mode only shows tasks that are due today or overdue)


Quickly mark the task as complete


If the task is associated with a user, you can click View Profile to open the user's profile. This is helpful if you need to communicate with the user as you can access conversations, notes, and more from the student profile while the Task Mode ribbon stays pinned to the top.


The bulleted list icon displays your entire task list for Task Mode and allows you to quickly navigate to any task in the list in your preferred order.


My Tasks displays a total count of tasks in Task Mode and shows you which task you are viewing. You can use the left and right arrows to navigate to a different task.


If you need to quickly add a new task, use the plus sign.

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