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Before going live, we recommend testing BoltBot. This article will explain our recommendation for testing BoltBot when enabled for Live Chat, Email, and SMS conversation channels.

Live Chat

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Create a test page (for help creating a page, click here)

  2. In the setup tab of your new page, toggle on Activate Element Messenger.

  3. In Bolt Bot Live Chat settings (Engagement > Conversations > Settings > BoltBot), add a condition for the URL of your test page - this will limit the BoltBot to only display on your test page.

  4. Open the live URL of your test page

  5. Use the messenger widget and the Conversations module to chat and test.

  6. Once done testing, delete the page or keep it for future testing and remove the condition.

Video Tutorial


Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Create a test segment with only test users (for help creating a segment, click here)

  2. Use the "Limit to a Segment" option in BoltBot settings for Email and SMS (Engagement > Conversations > Settings > BoltBot) and select your test segment.

  3. Send an email and/or SMS message using a cell phone number or email associated with a user in your test segment.

Video Tutorial

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