Creating landing pages has never been so intuitive. With Element451, you can easily build personal and responsive pages once you have the basics down.

Building a new Page

Start by clicking on Pages under the Pages tab on the left navigation menu:

You can either modify existing pages or create a new one. To create a new page, simply click the plus sign on the bottom right corner, title your new page, and click create.

You'll find yourself on this screen:

* If you need to modify the title of the page, you can do so by clicking the title on the top left.

Let's take a look at the different menu items.

Design & Content

This is where you will enter the page editor or preview your page.

This is where you will enter the page editor or preview your page.


  • Page Title - this is what will appear in the browser tab header.

  • Page Description - this is what will appear in the notes when you send the page URL to people.

  • Google Tag ID - If you're utilizing Google Tag Manager, enter your ID here to help track on this page

  • Primary, Secondary, and Link Color - Update various colors that appear on your page.

  • Favicon (ico, png) - These are the icons that will display in the browser tab header.

  • Activate Element Messenger - utilize this toggle to turn on and off the internal messenger tool in Element451. You can manage these conversations from the Conversations Module.

Social Media

Enter your social media pages here to allow for either links to those pages or to add a social feed on the actual landing page.

*If a footer is created and the element "Social Media Icons" has been toggled on, preview will not show the icons. Your page must be published for the icons to populate.


Activate the locker to automatically populate the form with information Element already has in the database about that user. For example, if you send a link to a page with a form on it to prospects and you have all of their first name, last name, and email addresses, when those prospects click on that link, the form will automatically fill with that information.


Publishing the page makes it live for testing. To publish, click You can also add additional domains off of your site that point to this page by working with your IT or web team.

Visit the Page Content Creation article to learn how to design and create content for your page.

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