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Getting Started with Applications
Getting Started with Applications

Learn the fundamentals of the Applications module and how to explore additional resources.

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The Applications module in Element451 focuses on the organization and submission aspects of Applications, working in tandem with the Decisions module for the review and processing phases, including issuing decisions. This distinction ensures a seamless transition from application submission to evaluation.

Below, we outline the key features and functionalities of Applications, providing a comprehensive guide to effectively leveraging their capabilities.

Key Application Features

  • Applications: Use the drag-and-drop builder to create mobile-friendly applications that automate the application process and offer clear instructions for the next steps.

  • Student Application Site: A user-friendly, on-brand site and application portal that enhances the student's application experience.

  • Document Management: Applicants can upload supporting documents directly or request recommendations from high school counselors or references.

  • Submission Prevention Rules: Set custom criteria to prevent premature or incorrect application submissions.

  • Fees + Deposits: Enable applicants to pay application fees and deposits, with support for discount codes and payment rules.

  • Supplemental Forms: Capture additional information with a follow-up form after the main application submission.

Accessing Applications

To access the Applications module, navigate to Applications > Applications in the top orange navigation menu.

From this menu, you can access:

  • All Applications: Create and manage applications, including editing, duplicating, and deleting.

  • Sites: Set up and manage application sites where students apply and access their applications. You can have multiple sites, control which applications are available on each, and configure external domains for easy access.

  • Request Information: Design and manage Information Request types for the application process, such as transcript & letter of recommendation requests, detailing what applicants and recommenders must provide.

  • Supplemental Forms: Create and manage additional forms to capture more information from applicants after the main application is submitted.

  • Application Settings: Adjust settings for autoresponder messages to applicants, add and manage deposits, and submission prevention rules.

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