Creating forms and adding them on various sites across your online ecosystem is a simple process and makes collecting data simply by keeping the prospect and applicant experience contained within Element451.  

Building A Form

Start by clicking on Forms under the Pages tab on the left navigation menu:

You can either modify existing forms or create a new ones.  To create a new form, simply click the plus sign on the bottom right corner, title your form, and click Add. 

You'll find yourself on this screen: 

Clicking on the name will allow you to edit the title of the form. The form title and subtitle in the WYSIWYG editor are what will be displayed to anyone who views this form. Feel free to customize this as needed.  

To the right side, there is a preview form button, allowing you to preview the form.

Just below that, you can select the colors you would like to use for the submit button.

You'll see that Element has already added a few fields that we think will be valuable on an inquiry form.  Click on the Add Field button to add more fields if needed. Remember, Element451 uses email address as a primary identifier, so make sure that you keep email address on your forms.

Once you're done setting up your fields, you can move on to setting up a follow up-form if you would like.  The follow-up form allows for a secondary form to display after the initial information gathering that can be useful for gathering some additional, but not required information.

The next button is the Thank you note.  The thank-you note will display to all users who submit the form.  If you use the form to allow access to specific files, you can click on the Show Button toggle to add a button to download information or provide a link to a new page.

On the following tab - Design, you're able to select the primary and secondary colors of your form and the design of the fields.

The Notifications tab allows you to send notifications to any of your internal users whenever this form is filled out.  You can use Workflows to manage any auto-reply emails to external users who fill out this form.

Using Forms on Webpages

Now that your form is created, you'll want to add it to one or more web pages. 

You can easily add your forms to a Pages451 landing page.  Simply add a form block on the page and select the form from the drop-down menu. 

You can also embed your form into any webpage you like using the code found on the Embed Code tab. You have two options here and may need the help of someone on your IT or web team to get this up and running.  We recommend using the JavaScript code, but you have two options for embedding—Javascript and iFrame code.  Provide that code to someone (like your webmaster, IT team, or marketing personnel) who can add it to one of your pages and make sure you test it before making it live.

Note: When copy and pasting embed codes to share with others, use a plain text editing tool like Notepad so that other various editing tools don't add extra non-visible characters.

Testing Your Forms

Remember, as an Element451 dashboard user, the email address you use to log into Element451 is reserved for that function. Therefore, if you try to complete a form intended for use by students or other external audiences, you will receive the error below. 

You can test forms using an email address that is not associated with your Element451 dashboard account. If you need a free email account for testing purposes, there are many options. 

Some email services also allow you to extend your email address to easily create unique email addresses while delivering the messages to your mailbox.  Gmail, for instance, allows you to append using "+."

For example, I could use on a form that would deliver messages to 

If you have any further questions, please contact Elemnt451's Customer Sucess team.

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