What you'll learn:

  1. What are groups and permissions

  2. Manage a team member's permissions

  3. How to create custom groups 

Permissions give access to a team member to use a specific Element module, such as Campaign451 or App451. Each permission will have administrative or user access. 

Groups are made up of multiple permissions. When a user is a part of a group, they have all of the permissions that are in that group. 

Manage team members permissions

Under "Settings" click "Manage users" to see a list of all the current Element451 accounts.

Click on a team member's name to see their groups. From here, you can add or remove groups as necessary. 

Create Custom Groups
If a team member needs access to a module and there is not an existing group to give them, you can create a new group with the appropriate permission. 

  1. From the manage users screen click "Groups & Permissions"

  2. Click the blue plus icon in the bottom right to create a new one 

3. Add a name and description for your new group.
4. Select which permissions to add to the group.
5. Click "Add" to complete

Once you've created the new group you can add it to any team member. 

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