Release Notes | September 2022
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Issued October 5, 2022

Major Release:

Released: Bolt Profiles (October 3, 2022)

Beta Release:

Beta 2: Organizations (October 3, 2022)

Updates, Improvements & Fixes:


  • Fixed: Confirm Password Field. In some cases, the confirmed password field would show even when the password field was conditionally hidden.


  • New: Conversation Drafts. Drafts are now available when starting a new conversation, so you can multitask and pick up where you left off even before you send the first message in a conversation. Previously, drafts were only available for unsent replies in an existing conversation. Conversations with unsent drafts are indicated with a pencil icon.

  • New: Typing Indicator in Live Chat Widget. When an Element451 user is typing a response to a web visitor using the Live Chat widget will see someone is responding to their message.

  • New: Live Chat typing Indicator in Conversations Dashboard. Element451 users can see when a web visitor using the Live Chat widget is typing. They can also see if other Element451 users are typing a reply.

  • New: Live Chat message is seen indicator. Element451 users can see when a web visitor using the Live Chat widget has seen a message. Note: this is only available for Element451 users, not the website visitor.

  • Fixed: Drafts not Resetting. We fixed a bug where sometimes the draft state would not reset after the conversation was started.

  • Fixed: Duplicate Participants. As much fun as being in a conversation is, being added twice is a bit much. We fixed a bug where some participants were added twice to the same conversation.


  • Fixed: Document Types. To make sure documents are tracked properly, fixed a bug where documents uploaded via the school's field group were not being assigned the proper document type.


  • Fixed: Export Timezone. Everyone should show up on time. We fixed an issue where the exported event lists would sometimes show the data using the wrong timezone.


  • New: Relative Date Document Export: You now have the ability to export just documents created in the last x timeframe (day, hours, etc). This allows for more regular and reliable exports to external systems.

  • New: Star Mappings: We've improved the import/export experience for repeater objects like family and school with Star Mappings. Star mappings are a new type of slug that allows for more flexibility and scoping/filtering data. For example, instead of having a separate slug for each family member's first name or high school or college ceeb, you can now select the position (family member 1,2,3,4,5) or school type in the column settings.

  • Updated: File Extensions: To make identifying files easier, weโ€™ve added the file types to the index.


  • New: FAFSA Campaign: Increase FAFSA completion rates by deploying our pre-built FAFSA Pack.


  • New: Customizable People Index: The people index page now allows you to add and reorder columns to assist you in customizing your experience and save you time.


  • New: Add Custom Source to User Action: Now you can add custom sources to people in any segment to better track sources and to assist in evaluating marketing/enrollment strategies and return on investment of particular sources.


  • Deployed dozens of fixes and improvements to Bolt Profile components based on beta feedback to include in the launch release.

  • General bug fixes and stability improvements.

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