In-App Calling

Seamlessly integrate phone-based outreach into your workflow with our in-app calling feature.

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In-app calling is a premium feature. To learn more about adding the feature, contact the Element451 customer support team.


Seamlessly integrate phone-based outreach into your workflow with our in-app calling feature. Engage students through voice calls directly within Element451 with just a click. Our calling feature eliminates the friction of switching between separate tools, allowing you to initiate outbound calls, optionally record conversations, and view transcripts within one system.

Please note: At this time, In-App Calling only supports outbound calling.

Accessing In-App Calling

You can initiate a phone call in three locations:

  1. Student Profile
    A call-to-action button can be added to the student profile. Admins can edit the People Template Header in Settings > Profile Templates. If you want more information on profile templates, click here.

  2. People Listing
    On the People listing (Contacts > People), you can click the phone icon next to the person's cell phone number.

    Note: If the cell phone number is not visible, you must use the configure table columns button at the top to add the Cell Phone column.

  3. Conversations

Making a Call

  1. Click the phone icon πŸ“ž in any of the locations mentioned above.

  2. Confirm and adjust the call configurations:

    • The number you are calling

    • Your outbound number (if your campus has multiple outbound numbers)

    • Enable call recording

  3. Click Start Call to dial.

Once you enable call recording, transcription occurs automatically. Also, please note that recording regulations differ by location. It's up to your institution to announce recordings as required and ensure compliance with local laws.

Accessing Call History, Recording, and Transcription

In-app calls are simply another conversation channel. Therefore, your outbound calls will create a conversation thread denoted with a small phone icon πŸ“ž in the right corner.
You can access your conversations by navigating to Engagement > Conversations > All Conversations.

  • You will see all call history within that thread for the to/from number pair. A new thread will be created if either number changes for a future conversation.

  • Call transcripts and recordings for each call (when enabled) can be accessed from the thread.

  • You can also add private notes following a call.

In-App Call Settings

To access In-App Calling settings, navigate to Engagement > Conversations > Settings > Phone.

Phone Numbers + Call Forwarding

  • Your purchased phone numbers will be listed here.

  • To set up call forwarding for a purchased number, click on the three vertical dots and click Edit.

    • When call forwarding is enabled, the caller ID will display the caller's number.

Connect a Calling Phone Number

You can connect and verify additional phone numbers, which can be used as a Caller ID for placing an outbound call in the Element451 in-app calling feature. Outbound SMS and MMS messages are not supported for these numbers. Incoming calls and messages will continue to be routed through the original provider and will not be connected to Element451.

Buy a Phone Number

Additional Element451 phone numbers can be added using this button. By purchasing additional lines, you agree to the additional costs through the end of your contract term. If you have questions, please get in touch with Element451 Customer Success via live chat or at before purchase. Please remember that these phone numbers are only for in-app calling, not SMS/MMS.

Phone Call Settings

  • Allow phone call recording: Enable or disable call recording

  • Record phone calls by default: Enabling this setting will always enable the recording toggle when making a new call. You can disable it before making the call.

  • Default phone number: Select a default outbound number, which can be changed before making a call.


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