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Learn how to configure your personal account settings, including your preferred start page, change your password, and mute the chat sound.

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Internal Element451 users can configure their personal information in Account Settings. On this page, you can:

  • Update your personal information (first name, last name, email, title)

  • Change your Primary Team

  • Set or change your Preferred Start Page

  • Change Password

  • Mute Chat Sound

Accessing My Profile Settings

To view or update your personal information:

  1. Click on your avatar/profile picture in the top right corner of the orange navigation bar

  2. Select Manage Account

Preferred Start Page

Your Preferred Start Page is the module you'll be automatically redirected to when signing into your Element451 instance. Customize it to match your workflow and prioritize the feature that matters most to you.

Change Your Password

If your institution uses the local Element451 login method, you can change your password here using the blue CHANGE PASSWORD button.

If you are using SSO, you must change your password with your institution.

Mute Chat Sound

When you receive new inbound conversations, a sound accompanies your notification. To disable the sound:

  1. Click on the person/gear silhouette icon in the upper right corner of your profile settings header

  2. Click Mute Chat Sound

To unmute, repeat the same steps. If muted, the button will read Unmute Chat Sound.

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