What You'll Learn

  • How to edit pre-made confirmation and reminder emails, and how to turn them on and off

  • How to create a new message to send to registrants, attendees, and no-shows

Keeping in touch before and after an event is a great way to keep people engaged. With Event451, you can send a variety of email and SMS messages to people who have registered for an event. For example, a confirmation shortly after they've registered, or a reminder before the event. You can also send things like thank you's to attendees or messages about similar events to people who registered but didn't attend or canceled their registration. Messages can be sent instantly, or scheduled to send in the future.

Event451 has created a couple of messages to give you a head start. On this page, we'll go over how to edit and manage them. We'll also explain how to create new messages, and how to send them to attendees based on their status, e.g., attended, canceled. 

While editing and creating your messages, you may notice some odd syntax (e.g. "[event:event_name]", "[user:user-first-name]"). These are called "tokens," and insert personalized content when a message is viewed. See Tokens for more information on these helpful tools.

Manage Pre-Made Template Messages

We've created a couple of standard message templates for you to use. They are a registration confirmation and event reminder

A few things to know about the default settings for these messages:

  • Both send an email and an SMS (as long as an email address and phone number are collected as part of the signup form).

  • The registration confirmation message is sent immediately after someone registers for an event.

  • The event reminder message is sent 1 day before the event.

Along with the content, you can adjust which message type is sent (email or SMS), when the reminder is sent, and who receives the reminder message. You can also turn off either message entirely. 

Preview Template Messages

Before you edit the messages, it's helpful to see what they look like. There are two options:

  • Preview the messages on your computer by going to the event's Signup tab, clicking the Message sub-tab, clicking the pencil edit icon, and clicking the Preview Message button.

  • To send a preview by email or SMS, click the preview icon next to the edit icon.

Edit Template Messages

  1. From the Event Overview tab of an event, click on the Signups tab, and then on the Messages sub-tab on the left. Here you will see a list of template messages, and any other messages you or a team member may have created for the event.  

  2. To edit the content and type of message (email or SMS) of either message, click on the pencil edit icon, then click the Edit Message button. If you want to change which message type is sent, uncheck the email or SMS icons. To change the content of the message, including the subject line, simply enter your preferred text for the message types you want to send.

  3. To change when the reminder message is sent, click on the pencil edit icon. A window showing timing options will appear. Adjust as needed. You can also change who the message is sent to by clicking on the status labels, e.g., registered, attended, non attended (more on status types below in the Who to Send To section of this page).

  4. To turn off a message so it doesn't send at all, click the Active toggle on the message to No.

These template messages cannot be deleted, so if you don't want to use them, use the Active toggle switch to deactivate them.

Create a New Message

When creating a new message, you have the option to start one from scratch or choose an existing message to work from. Here's how:

1. From the Message tab of the event, click Add Message at the bottom of the message list.

2. Complete the New Message form by indicating:

When To Send the Message:
You can send messages immediately, or create a schedule based around the event date using the "before" and "after" options. 

Note: The time delay is calculated based on the Event's start time. All-day Events start at 00:00 AM of that day. If you choose "before" or "after," new options will appear below to set the timing. Use the dropdown menus to decide when your message should be sent.

For Which Event Dates
Choose to send the message to only attendees added or registered for specific dates or check the box to send to attendees registered for any date. 

Who to Send to by Attendee Status
Select a portion of your attendees to send the message to. For example, you can send a reminder to everyone who is registered for the event a few days before the event, or once the event has passed, you may want to send a thank you to people who attended. You can also filter by attendees that canceled their registration or have been waitlisted

The Non Attended filter calculates whether the person attended the event by checking four factors on the person: (1) They are marked as registered for the event, (2) they have not been marked as "attended," (3) they have not canceled their registration, and (4) their event date has passed. Because of (4), the Non Attended filter should only be used on emails sent after the event date.

These filters behave as an "and." That is, a person must meet all conditions to receive the message. 

Message Name
This is how your message will be saved in Event451. Only you will see this name.

Choose Message
Choose from a list of pre-made messages, or select Custom to create your own. If you select a pre-made message, click the Preview Message button to see the message.

3. Edit the pre-made message or build your custom message by clicking the Edit Message button at the bottom of the New Message form. You'll see a window where you can indicate what type(s) of message you want to send: email or SMS, and enter content.

Note: To personalize email or SMS messages, you can use tokens.

For example, Dear [user:user-first-name]. You can also include a link to their personal registration page: [event:registration_update_url]. To learn more about using tokens and to see a full list of available tokens, visit Tokens.

Here's how to customize your message(s):

How would you like to deliver your messages?
Choose to send an email and/or SMS text message. By default, both options are checked. If you select both options, navigate between editing email and editing SMS messages using the tabs just below the email and SMS icons.

Email Setup and Content
Enter the subject line for your email along with your sender information: name and email address. You have the option to enter a separate reply email or use the sender address.

Add or edit the content. Use the text area to create an HTML-based email. You can use the formatting tools at the top of the area.

Tip: You can click the formatting button on the far left to enter HTML code if you prefer.

SMS Setup and Content
Enter the phone number the message will come from. Enter the body content of your text message.

4. When you're finished building the message, click Done. You'll be taken back to the New Message window where you can send your message immediately or schedule when it should be sent and click Done. 

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