Release Notes | August 2022

Information on Product Updates and Changes

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Issued September 2, 2022


  • New: App Site Cloning. We've added the ability to clone an application site to make creating multiple sites even easier.

  • New: Profile Editing. You can now optionally hide the Edit Profile function on your app sites, giving you more control over the user experience.


  • New: Campaign Context. When a conversation is started as the result of a reply to a campaign email that information is noted in the conversation header making it easier to jump right in and assist.

  • New: Conversation Drafts. Unsent replies will save so you can pick up where you left off providing better multitasking. Conversations with unsent drafts are indicated with a pencil icon.

  • New: Profile Search. Associate unknown chat participants to existing Element451 records faster than ever with profile search. Search by name, email, or Identity.

  • New: Merged Conversations. Conversations are now merged and visible in the master record when records are merged as part of deduplication providing users will complete history.

  • New: Assigned To filter now available.

  • New: SMS Character Limit Warnings. To assist with SMS deliverability, when an SMS exceeds 160 characters a warning is displayed. When it exceeds 1600 an error message is displayed.

  • Updated: Covideo Integration. When using the website overlay feature, users have the ability to enter a custom URL for a better experience.

  • Updated: Timestamp. Conversation timestamps now include the full date, including the year giving a more precise view of the complete history.

  • Updated: Email Notification. Assignment emails now provide additional detail including channel, recipient and conversation tags. This provides users with additional context and makes it easier to set up filter rules in email clients, such as Outlook or Gmail.

  • Updated: Email Timestamps. Timestamps displayed in email conversations are now displayed in the school timezone, not UTC providing the best context for the conversation.

  • Fixed: Conversations Text Area. The text area would sometimes lose focus causing unintended browser navigation.


  • New: Time Exclusions. Repeatable events now allow exclusions by date and time, not just date, providing greater flexibility in scheduling events.

  • New: Communications. Event communications, including confirmation emails, are re-triggered when an attendee changes their registration to a new date/time for the same event ensuring event participants get the most up-to-date information.


  • New: State Residency Field. We added a system field to People to track in-state residency.

  • New: Application Scope Fields. Application Minor & Application Concentration allow for additional academic program options.


  • New: Encoura Template. A new system template is now available to make importing data from Encoura even easier.

  • Updated: Date Transformations. Users can now optionally transform dates using the school timezone ensuring data consistency.


  • New: Newsletter Template. Inform audiences about the interesting news stories happening at your institution with these email templates just added to the Pack Library.


  • General bug fixes and stability improvements.

Reminder: ⚑️Bolt Profiles are available now. Learn More.

Bolt Profiles become the default experience Oct 2022.

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