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πŸ“… Release Notes | July + August 2023
πŸ“… Release Notes | July + August 2023

Improvements, updates, and bug fixes

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Feature Improvements, Updates, and Fixes

  • Applications

    • New: Duolingo English Proficiency Test is now an option in "Test Scores."

    • Fixed: In some cases, questions hidden by conditional logic still appeared on the submission forms and .pdfs.

  • Appointments

    • New: Appointments now create a prospect/inquiry milestone.

    • Fixed: Admins with Appointments User permissions could not interact with the top navigation.

    • Fixed: The "active" toggle to turn off an appointment type was unresponsive.

    • Fixed: Scheduling conditions now allow you to enter more than 1440 minutes (1 day) to allow for multi-day conditions.

  • BoltBot

    • Fixed: The Bot returned event times in UTC instead of displaying the event's time zone.

  • Campaigns

    • Updated: In SMS campaigns, character limit warnings and errors are displayed.

    • Fixed: When using a bulleted list, the color of the bullet did not change when the font color was changed.

    • Fixed: SMS campaign preview not displaying

    • Upgraded: In the configuration of SMS campaigns, the field name "Unsubscribe Text" was changed to "Unsubscribe Prompt" to eliminate confusion. For more information on this topic, click here.

  • Conversations

    • New: Using multi-select, you can now favorite or close more than one conversation at a time.

    • New: You can now see conversation messages' sent/failed status.

    • Updated: You can now remove attachments from conversation messages.

    • Updated: When BoltBot displays the knowledge source to the person chatting, it does not display inside the conversation for staff to see.

    • Fixed: For partners with call forwarding, calls were not forwarded from the texting number.

    • Fixed: The tab keystroke to auto-fill was not operational.

    • Fixed: SMS unsubscribe was not applied to all users with the same phone number.

  • Data

    • Fixed: When trying to duplicate an export, if the segment is missing from the completed export, it will not permit duplication.

  • Events

    • New: iCal attachments are now included with event communications.

    • New: You can now use "add to calendar" tokens in communication

    • Updated: The date range now displays on the event page instead of only the start date for multi-day events.

    • Fixed: The personal registration URL was displaying incorrectly.

  • Forms

    • Fixed: Text was being cut off on some sections of the form builder.

    • Fixed: Unable to edit "Thank You Notes"

    • Fixed: Sometimes, when a form was submitted with an attachment, the user would receive an error message.

  • People

    • Updated: You can now search people by phone number.

    • Fixed: The system would forget the rotation order after 4 hours when using a workflow for rotational task assignments. It has been increased to 7 days.

  • Settings & Permissions

    • Fixed: Users without edit segment permissions still saw the "Save" and "Save as new segment" buttons.

  • Workflows

    • Fixed: In some cases, ongoing campaigns could not be found when adding a step in a workflow.

Feature Releases

Insights Q

A natural language query tool that makes your Element451 data even more accessibleβ€”helping you analyze, forecast, and plan more efficiently.

Bolt Copilot + BoltBot Enhancement

We released several new feature enhancements to our advanced AI-powered tools, Bolt Copilot and BoltBot, like Copilot for Campaigns and BoltBot Multi-Channel Support. This release is full of tools that will continue revolutionizing how you communicate and engage with students.

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