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πŸ“… Release Notes | September 2023
πŸ“… Release Notes | September 2023

Improvements, updates, and bug fixes for the month of September 2023.

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Updates, Improvements & Fixes:


  • Fixed: In some cases, a student could not see their uploaded documents in the app portal when a multi-upload field was used.

  • Fixed: Students who used the single upload field could not upload other documents after submission.

  • Fixed: When using the Application Checklist Pack Workflow, it was not filtering correctly and including students with complete checklists.

  • Updated: Added WritePlacer score field to the Accuplacer test when adding evaluation.


  • Fixed: When setting your custom URL, an error message stating the slug was already taken was received.


  • Fixed: Clicking the URL in the campaign message navigation takes the user to the overview screen instead of the campaign list.

  • New: A new profile call-to-action option, "Send Communication," has been added to allow you to send a predetermined campaign email to a single user. For more info, click here.


  • Fixed: When merging fields and managing duplicates, clicking the next arrow would redirect the user to the overview page instead of the next record.


  • Fixed: In some cases, the timestamp on the conversation thread was inaccurate.

  • Fixed: When configuring SMS for one-time and ongoing communication, the option text ran over other fields.

  • New: Assign a Team to a conversation. For more info, click here.


  • New: When configuring an SFTP import, you will now see the option to "process files once." Enabling this option allows the files in the source location to be uploaded only that one time, even if they remain in the target folder during subsequent runs. For more info, click here.

  • New: When configuring a scheduled import task, you will now see an option to select "When no matching files are available, execute the next scheduled task run." Enabling this option allows your scheduled task to continue to run as scheduled, even if there is not a matching file found. For more info, click here.


  • Fixed: Sometimes, the side sheets would run off the page, making content invisible.

  • New: Assignee Teams as reviewers or watchers for Decisions. For more info, click here.


  • New: Your event emails will now automatically contain .ics attachments, allowing your attendees to easily open the attachment and add the event to their calendar. For more info, click here.

  • New: "Add to calendar" tokens for Google, Outlook, and Office365 are now available in your event messages. Adding these links makes it easy and convenient for your attendees to add the event to their calendars. For more info, click here.


  • Fixed: When adding a URL source to the Knowledge Base, the state would get stuck in "learning" if there was a problem with the indexing process.

Settings & Permissions

  • Fixed: Changes to user permissions were not effective until the user logged out and back in.

  • Updated: Added additional permissions to provide greater control to access certain features.

  • New: Added the ability to control which admins have permission to impersonate a student by logging into their application. For more info, click here.


  • Fixed: In some cases, questions ran off the right side of the screen when editing using advanced settings in Surveys.

Workflows + Rules

  • Updated: A status column has been added to Workflow Rules to indicate inactive or active.

  • Fixed: No results returned when pasting text in the communication search box.

  • Fixed: Applications with a "submitted" status were sometimes excluded when using the "completed" trigger in a workflow.

  • Updated: The action step "validate phone number" has been removed from Rules because this process is now automated in the background of Element451.

  • New: Added Teams to Change Assignee action. For more info, click here.

  • New: Added the ability to duplicate an existing step in a rule. For more info, click here.


  • Updated: Graduate has been added as a Milestone type in drop-down menus.

Feature Releases


Teams allows for seamless cross-departmental collaboration. Departments are a good representation of organizational structures but are not always the best at representing the groups of people who collaborate together. Teams aims to help solve this problem. Use Teams in Tasks, Conversations, People, and Decisions where you would assign a single staff member today.

User Interface (UI) Improvements

Aimed at being responsive, fast, and more accessible, we adopted the latest update of Angular Material. You'll see things looking a little different as we roll out these updates. Some updates will also extend to public-facing portions of Element451, like Forms, Pages, Applications, Events, and Microsites.

Copilot for Pages

Copilot for Pages makes it easy for you to create ready-to-publish pages. With Copilot for Pages, you can describe the page you need, and Copilot will generate an outline and preview based on your prompt.

Copilot for Conversations: Generated Custom Replies

Generated Custom Replies, powered by Copilot, makes starting and continuing conversations quicker and easier. You can now describe the intent of your message, and Copilot will generate a customized email or text reply.

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