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πŸ“… Release Notes | March 2023

See the latest features and improvements to Element451 from March.

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Issued April 4, 2023


Updates, Improvements & Fixes:


  • New: Hide Blank Fields. Blank fields are now hidden from application PDF exports.

  • New: Conditional Payments. We have added conditional payments for application and deposit fees.

  • Fixed: Wrong Display of GED Date. The GED date under academic past no longer displays in a non-date format while viewing applications in Decision.

  • Fixed: Info Request Errors. Adding fields to an information request was producing errors for some users.


  • New: Categories. Users can now add categories to appointments.


  • Updated: Event Registration. Users can extend registration for events while an event is happening.

  • Fixed: Zoom Registration. Attendance was not being recorded for some events using Zoom registration.



  • Fixed: Packs Library UI. Category filters in the Packs Library were not displaying correctly.

People / Bolt Profiles

  • Updated: Workflow History Card. You can now see rules that profiles have been enrolled in on the workflow history card.

  • Updated: State Field for Non-U.S. Addresses. Profiles will no longer display a "state" field in the mailing address if their country is not the U.S.

  • Updated: Tooltip on Milestone Dates. Added a tooltip to milestone dates so users can see the date and time for each milestone in both UTC and the user's local timezone.

  • Fixed: Display of Search Sources. Search sources were not displaying the date properly when the source card is expanded.

Workflows & Rules

  • Updated: "Run Now" Button. Users will now see a notification appear when successfully activating "Run Now" for rules.

  • Fixed: Saving Issues. Automatically setting a user's property to "Application - School" was not saving correctly using rules.

  • Fixed: Display of Users in Workflow. The number of users who have entered a workflow was displaying incorrectly.


  • Released several improvements to address spacing, font size, and other issues affecting mobile device viewers of pages.

  • Fixed a bug where checkboxes from custom fields could not be selected for some users.

  • Additional import/export functionality with Make and Zapier.

  • Various security and stability improvements.

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