Segments are groups of people with similar characteristics (demographic or academic interests, for example). Alternatively, the students in a Segment might share similar interactions with Element451 modules, like clicking on a link in an email. Even better, a Segment can pull a list of students who meet a combination of these traits based on your school's needs.

Segments allow admissions offices to learn more about their suspects, prospects, applicants, admits, and enrolled students. They're also the backbone of how Element451 enables schools to personalize Communications (emails and SMS messages), Sites, Pages, and other functions in Element451.

Segments are created using filters (learn more about filters here). Segments can be used for something as simple as "people who have submitted an application" or as detailed as "people who have completed, but not yet submitted, an application for a certain term during a defined time period."

When to Use Segments

Element451 users most frequently utilize segments to tailor communications and content to a specific group of people or to pull data about different groups.

Get started using segments by learning to create one. 

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