On this page, we'll go over how to enter details about your event — from description to date and time to Q&A for common inquiries.

If you're following along after creating an event, you should now be on the Event Overview page for your event. Otherwise, go to Event > All Events on the menu on the left. You'll see a list of all events. Select the one you want to update. 

Looking for help with a specific topic? Scroll below for:

  • Metadata (e.g. privacy, type, category)

  • Event Image

  • Description

  • Event Date(s) and Time

  • Location

  • Presenter(s)

  • Questions and Answers

  • Contact

Metadata (e.g. privacy, type, category)

At the top of the event, is information such as privacy, type, and categories that were specified when creating the event.

To change any of this information, click on the item you'd like to change. Here are a few highlights about what else is displayed and what you can adjust:

  • Turn signups on and off with the Signups toggle. Note that for people to be able to register for the event, you'll also need to turn on signups in the signups tab of the event. That's where you'll configure the form people will fill out to register for the event.

  • See who created the event just below the event name.

  • Make the event a featured event, by clicking the star icon. See Featured Events for more about featured events.

  • Check or change the publishing status (covered in Create an Event) by opening the drop down to the right of the star icon. It'll either say Draft, In Review, or Published.  

Event Image

Follow these steps to provide or change an image for your event. If you don't have one just yet, don't worry. When Event451 was set up, your organization selected a default image that will appear until an event-specific one is added.

  1. Click the circle that says Add Photo. This will bring up a window for you to select your file.

  2. Select a file from your computer or drag and drop one into the window. Note: Only .jpg and .png files are accepted and there is a 5MB size limit. You will see an error in the window if your file does not meet these requirements. You'll need to reselect a photo that meets the requirements.

  3. Click Add. Your photo will now show up in the circle, and on the event site. To change the image, follow the above steps.


Here you can enter a description of your event. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Be concise but also informative. Readers should know from the first sentences what the event is all about, and curious to learn more. Think about what will make someone want to attend.

  • You don't need to include the date, time, and location. There are other sections to enter that information.

  • To format your text, highlight it with your cursor. A toolbar will appear below the text with common formatting options.

  • To attach a file, highlight the text, and select the paperclip icon. 

  • Your description will automatically save as you type. 

Event Date(s) and Time

The Event Date(s) tab is where you'll add the date and time of your event. You can add as many dates as you'd like by following the steps below.

1. Click Add a Date. 

2. Choose a date type: 

Use this if the event will happen once, or will happen more than once but at different times, and you want to add each occurrence manually.

Repeatable dates allow you to create an event for the same time on different days of the week over a given period. Essentially, you create one date, and it appears multiple times in the event date section of the event page and on the calendar. Daily campus tours are an example of when you might want to make an event repeatable. 

We're covering Single events here; jump over to Make Events Repeat to learn more about how repeatable events work, how to set them up, and how to exclude certain dates.

3. Fill in the details about the event date and time: 

Start Date: When will the event happen? Select the date from the calendar by clicking the arrow or type your date in "m/d/yyyy" format (e.g. 3/15/2017).

End Date: If your event occurs on only one day, set this to the same date as the Start Date. If the event spans multiple days (orientation, for example), enter an End Date. This option is only available for Single date events. Is the length of this event a full day? If your event doesn't have a start and end time, click this slider to the "Yes" position. If not, move on to the next item.

Start Time: Select the time of day (in 15 min increments) and whether it is AM or PM.

End Time: Select the time of day (in 15 min increments) and whether it is AM or PM.

Number of Attendees: Do you want to limit the number of people who can sign up for this particular occurrence? Simply enter the maximum number of attendees and registration will be stopped once that number is reached. Want to allow any number? Just leave it blank.

4. Click Add Date once you're satisfied with the event date setup. You will now see the date in the list of Event Dates. 

5. Need to edit or delete an event date or time? Click the pencil icon to the right of the event date to edit. Use the trash can icon to delete an event date. Be careful though. Once a date is deleted it is gone for good!

Keep in Mind

It is not advised to change an event date once people have registered to attend a date. They will not be notified automatically of the change, so it is best to be sure you have the correct dates set up before publishing your event or registering people to any dates. Event451 will warn you how many people are registered to an event date when you attempt to modify it.


Event451 uses Google maps for entering and displaying locations. This makes it easy to add event locations, and for attendees to find them. Here's how to add or modify an event location.

  1. Go to the Location tab and click Add Location. The Add Location window will open. Note: If a location has already been added that you need to edit, click the Edit button above the map.

  2. If there's a venue name for the location, enter it. Then start entering the address. Google maps will show results as you type. Select the correct address.

  3. If there's a building and/or room number, make sure to enter them. Google won't be able to populate this for you.

  4. Once you've entered all relevant information click Save in the bottom-right.


Do you have a notable speaker at your event? Let your attendees know who to look forward to hearing from. 

  1. Go to the Presenter(s) tab and click Add Presenter.

  2. Enter basic details (name, title, organization) about the presenter and click Save. Consider including more background info on the Description tab if needed.

Follow the same steps to add additional presenters. 

To edit or delete a presenter, use the pencil and trash can icons. You can also reorder presenters by clicking on the icon next to a presenter's name and dragging it to a new spot in the list.

Questions and Answers

Are there frequently-asked questions you receive when you've held this or similar events in the past? Are there things you anticipate people wondering about? Or maybe people get lost getting to this building.

Save some time and answer such questions before they hit your inbox or your phone by having a Q&A section. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Questions & Answers tab and click Add Q&A.

  2. Type in the question and the answer. Click Add when you're finished entering the text.

That's all there is to adding Q&As. You can add as many as you need.

To edit or delete a Q&A, use the pencil and trash can icons. You can also reorder them by clicking on the icon next to a question and dragging it to a new spot in the list.


While your Q&A section will hopefully answer any questions people may have, there are instances where attendees may need to be in touch with you or an event organizer. Provide easy-to-access contact information to make it simple to get in touch.

  1. Go to the Contact tab and click Add a Contact. The Add Event Contact window will open.

  2. Enter as much of the requested information on the form is appropriate for the event. Note: An email address is required. 

  3. Once you've entered the relevant information, click Add. Note: You can only have one contact for an event.

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