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Automate Application Submitted Notifications
Automate Application Submitted Notifications

Three options to keep track of submitted applications.

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Unlike in Element451 Forms or automated Conversations assignments, there is no option within the Application module to set up automatic notifications each time an application is submitted. However, Element451 has a few recommendations for how you can keep tabs on your application rates.

Intelligent Admissions Rules
Depending on your Decision board set-up and process, setting up Intelligent Admissions rules might be the best way to automatically notify yourself when an application is submitted. To do this, you will need to assign submitted applications to you or the relevant staff member, who will then receive an email notification about the assignment. Just be sure to set up the rule to go into effect when the application status is submitted, and consider whether you want to have several different rules (and perhaps also assignees) for different subsets of applicants.

Note: For this method, make sure that the person you want to be notified is also the person who needs to carry out the next step in Element451's Decision module.

The second option to keep track of your submitted applications involves Exports in the Data module. First, create a segment that captures the audience of applicants you are interested in, and be sure to add a filter for applications submitted in the last "x" days, where "x" is the frequency at which you would like to receive these updates. Then, navigate to the Data module and set up an automatic export that sends you and/or your admissions staff an email every "x" days with a CSV file of every application submitted in the specified time frame.

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Custom Dashboard
If you do not necessarily want an email in your inbox about the most recent applicants, but want to keep an eye on them whenever you are in Element451, consider using your Custom Dashboard. First, create a Calculated Segment that captures the audience of applicants you are interested in. Then, add a Dashboard card from your Overview page. We recommend a "Report" card using your new calculated segments and any of the groupings that interest you!

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Is your interest in reporting on your applicant pool piqued by the Custom Dashboard capabilities? Talk to your Customer Success Account Manager about Insights451, Element451's solution to offer predictive modeling, reporting, data enrichment, and data consulting.

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