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🎁 Holiday 2022 Feature Release
🎁 Holiday 2022 Feature Release

All the planned feature releases for December 2022 and Early January 2023.

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πŸ“Š Enhanced Insights Dashboards

Available Now

Following the launch of the Tasks Performance dashboard and Unlimited Insights Readers, additional Insights dashboards are here. These new dashboards provide insights and metrics for Events, Funnels, and Campaigns.

βœ‰οΈ New Packs

Available Now

Our Packs provide the foundation for creating content and automation in Element451. This month we launch two new Packs focused on decisions.

The first, the Decision Announcement Pack, provides everything you need to automate decision emails and provides formal, casual, and friendly content options.

Second, the Application Checklist Campaign Pack automates reminders for students with outstanding items preventing them from moving into application review.

πŸ₯Ύ Journeys

Available Now

Our students interact with us in countless ways. Our business processes cross modules within Element451. Journeys is a new way to track and visualize people completing sequential interactions. Use Journeys to track custom enrollment funnels, follow your search names as they convert to hand-raising inquiries, view admitted student interactions as they move closer to enrolling, and much, much more. The possibilities are endless.

βœ… Bolt Tasks

Coming January 11

Our ⚑️ Bolt updates to Conversations and People profiles this year were massive hits.

We've rebuilt Tasks from the ground up to bring the Bolt experience to Tasks. In addition to a new interface, Bolt Tasks will include the ability to set custom task priorities and statuses, create related sub-tasks, build smart queues that will allow you to group tasks for workflow & case management, Task Mode and more.

πŸ“ž In-App Calling (Closed Beta)

Coming January 17

Phone calls aren't dead and remain an important communication channel for many of our partners. That's why we are bringing native, In-App Calling to Element451. Not only will In-App Calling provide the convenience of one-click calling from Conversations, optional recording, and call transcription, but Element451 will also capture important call analytic eventsβ€”just as we do with email and SMS.

We'll be sharing more about these features and adding more content to our help center in the coming weeks. Early 2023 will also be full of opportunities to dive deeper, including Ask Me Anything and office hour sessions.

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