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Learn how to use AI-powered chat with BoltBot.

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⚠️ BoltBot is a premium feature for partners contracted prior to November 1, 2023. To learn more about adding the feature, contact Element451 customer support.


BoltBot is Element451's AI-powered chatbot that combines advanced natural language models like GPT-4 with deep integration into the Element451 CRM platform. It offers round-the-clock, self-service support to students, enabling personalized and natural language interactions. BoltBot's intelligent features include:

  • Element451 Integration: Tailors conversations and actions to individual student needs through deep CRM integration.

  • Multilingual Support: Communicates effectively in multiple languages, breaking down language barriers.

  • Knowledge Base: Utilizes your specific information to provide accurate responses.

  • Advanced Configuration: Offers extensive customization options to fit your institution's unique requirements.

  • Multichannel Capability: Can be enabled via Live Chat, SMS, Email, and WhatsApp for consistent support across platforms.

  • Customizable Interface: Features a modern, adaptable UI, ensuring a superior user experience.

You can also activate specific BoltBot Skills. These skills are designed to enhance BoltBot's task completion capabilities and assist students in completing various tasks like filling out an application, registering for an event, submitting an inquiry, and more.

BoltBot Skills

  • Start an Application: Guides students step-by-step through starting and completing applications.

  • Get Application Status: Retrieves and updates students on their application progress.

  • Application Status Checklist: Retrieves and updates students on their checklist items.

  • Register for Event: Assists with the event registration process.

  • Common App Knowledge: Utilizes the Common App website for comprehensive application support.

  • Financial App Knowledge: Sources information from to help with financial application queries.

  • Handoff: Transfers to a human agent when more personalized support is needed.

  • Appointment Scheduling: Helps students schedule appointments, ensuring they receive the help they need promptly.

  • Inquiry Flow: Gathers essential information from prospective students, submitting inquiries directly, akin to filling out a form.

BoltBot Settings

To get started using BoltBot, customize its settings to align with your institution's specific needs and operational preferences.

  • Name Your Chatbot: Choose a name for BoltBot.

  • Select Channels: Pick the channels where BoltBot will operate.

  • Set Active Hours: Schedule when BoltBot is available.

  • Manage Skills: Enable or disable specific chatbot skills.

  • Segments for SMS/Email: Restrict BoltBot's communication to certain users.

  • Customize Live Chat: Upload an avatar, set a greeting, and define operational conditions for the Live Chat channel.

To configure BoltBot settings, navigate to Engagement > Conversations > Settings > BoltBot.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a repository of information to train Element451's AI-powered tools, BoltBot and Copilot. Think of it as a training library, all things BoltAI.

To add/edit Knowledge, navigate to Data + Automations > Knowledge.

How is BoltBot Different from Live Chat?

BoltBot and Live Chat each play a unique role within the Conversations Module, yet they also complement each other to provide comprehensive support. Here's how they differ and collaborate:

  • Live Chat: Live Chat serves as a direct communication channel within the Conversations Module, enabling real-time conversations between students and support agents during set hours. It's one piece of a larger support ecosystem.

  • BoltBot: While Live Chat facilitates human interaction, BoltBot can autonomously manage chat sessions, providing immediate responses and support. It can operate independently or alongside human agents, depending on your configuration. This versatility ensures that support is available around the clock, blending the efficiency of AI with the personal touch of human support.

Additional key features include:

  • Handoff Capabilities: BoltBot can seamlessly transfer or "handoff" unresolved inquiries to human agents, ensuring that complex issues receive the necessary attention. Learn more about handoffs.

  • Customizable Visibility: Use conditions to specify where BoltBot and Live Chat appear on your site. For example, you can disable BoltBot on financial aid pages while keeping the Live Chat widget active, ensuring tailored support experiences.

By leveraging these features, BoltBot and Live Chat not only enhance direct communication with students but also ensure a personalized and efficient support experience tailored to specific needs and contexts.

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