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Insights Update Bundle | October 2023
Insights Update Bundle | October 2023
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Conversations Dashboard: BoltBot

Overview: The new BoltBot tab in the Insights Conversations Dashboard provides powerful optimization insights for your BoltBot-powered conversations. Review key metrics to continuously optimize your conversational experiences, improve BoltBot's knowledge base, and increase automated resolution rates.


  • View key metrics and visualizations broken down by territory, funnel stage, citizenship status, state, gender, major, student type, or other dimensions of your choice.

    • Metrics include time saved by BoltBot, conversations participated in by BoltBot, Hands-offs from Boltbot to your staff, knowledge base gaps, and average messages per conversation.

    • Visualizations include conversation conclusion breakdown, geographic heat map, and time series trends.

  • Access to BoltBot's Knowledge Base Gap Log to identify unanswered questions so you can make improve your knowledge base.

  • These insights will also be accessible through InsightsQ.

  • We have also added a BoltBot filter to your Overview tab.

Primary Teams Filter

Overview: Our new Teams feature allows Elemenet451 users to be associated with a Primary Team and an unlimited amount of other Teams. This replaced the "departments" assignment.

We have added the ability to filter by Primary Team on the Tasks Performance Dashboard and Management Dashboard. Use the targeted insights to identify what's working and what needs improvement at the primary team level. You can then use these insights to provide better support to your teams, ensure proper resourcing, and improve processes.

Tasks Performance Dashboard Details:

  • View task creation, due tasks, completion rates, and on-time completion rates for a particular Primary Team.

  • See the top tasks created, due, and completed for a Primary Team.

  • Identify which Primary Teams have the most tasks due or completed.

  • View heat maps and charts broken down by Primary Team.

  • Filter the task log by Primary Team to see all tasks for a team in one view.

Management Dashboard Details:

  • View metrics on tasks, conversations, decisions, notes and more by Primary Team.

  • Identify which teams have the most completed or created items.

  • View heat maps and charts broken down by Primary Team.

  • Filter all visualizations by Primary Team to see the performance of specific teams.

  • Ask InsightsQ about Primary Teams in the Management topic.

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